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Terra Videos

Selected videos from Terra's "Getting Started with Terra" YouTube playlist are listed below. For the full list of Terra training videos, please see the Terra YouTube Channel.

Welcome to Terra

Derek Caetano-Anolles gives you a overview of Terra and everything it has to offer.

Workspaces in Terra

Allie Hajian shows you how to use Terra's Workspaces to organize, analyze, and visualize data.

Introduction to Collaboration and Sharing in Terra

Allie Hajian gives you a quick walkthrough on designating collaborators and sharing your work in Terra.

Introduction to Data Tables in Terra

Elizabeth Kiernan walks you through Data Tables in Terra: what they are, how to populate them from the Data Library, and how to modify them.

Interactive Analysis using a Jupyter Notebook in Terra

Allie Hajian walks you through the process of setting up and running a Jupyter Notebook analysis in Terra.

Making and Uploading a Data Table in Terra

Anton Kovalsky invites you to explore how to create data tables in Terra, focusing on table structure, entity types, and file formats

Importing Workflows in Terra

Anton Kovalsky shows you how to import a workflow to Terra.

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