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Introduction to Terra

This section lists selected articles from the Terra documentation to help you get started learning about and using Terra.


  • Overview of Terra for new users - An overview of the Terra platform covering account and billing setup, accessing and managing data, pipelining analysis and interactive analysis.
  • Terra training materials - A library of training materials for the Terra platform.
  • Navigating the Terra user interface - An overview of the Terra user interface covering how to manage your profile, setup billing, manage groups, access, clone and share workspaces, access tools, data and curated workspaces.
  • Data privacy and access - Because research is frequently collaborative, you need to be able to keep sensitive genomic data secure, but still easy to share. Terra was designed to help you balance these competing requirements.

Understanding Terra Workspaces

  • Working with workspaces - Terra workspaces are dedicated spaces where you and your collaborators can access and organize the same data and tools and run analyses together.
  • Cloning a workspace - "Cloning" a workspace makes another copy of the workspace under your own billing project. Cloning creates a completely independent copy of the workspace in which you are the owner and sole user until you choose to "share" your "clone" with someone else.
  • Understanding workspace access levels - Terra workspaces have three access levels: READER, WRITER, and OWNER. Each access level represents an expanded set of permissions.
  • Exploring curated example workspaces - One of the best ways to get started in AnVIL is to explore curated example workspaces. These are curated workspace templates that span a variety of use cases. Standardized for completeness and ease of use, they're great as templates or introductions to help reproduce instructive results and learn established methodologies. Also see AnVIL's featured example workspaces.

Analysis Workflows

  • How to set up a workflow analysis - This article explains how to set up (configure) your workflow analysis in the Terra UI. Note that this article is intended primarily for analyses using data from the workspace data table.

Terra Courses on Leanpub

For additional information, see Terra's Leanpub site for videos introducing Terra and explaining cloud billing and secure collaboration.

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