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A complete reference genome improves analysis of human genetic variationUsing the AnVIL, researchers find the T2T-CHM13 reference genome universally improves the analysis of human genetic variation.
Inverting the model of genomics data sharing with the NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL)AnVIL inverts the traditional model of genomic analysis, eliminating data movement and providing scalable, shared computing resources.
AnVIL Shorts: How can AnVIL help my research?Our short video series shows how AnVIL improves collaborative science for different researcher roles.
Phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in Boston highlights the impact of superspreading eventsUsing the AnVIL, researchers investigate the effect of superspreading events in the Boston area.
The Dockstore: enhancing a community platform for sharing reproducible and accessible computational protocolsDockstore is an open source platform for publishing, sharing, and finding bioinformatics tools and workflows.
Orchestrating single-cell analysis with BioconductorThe AnVIL hosts a detailed book of single-cell methods and analysis techniques.
The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2020 updateAnVIL has access to full Galaxy capabilities, a computational workbench used by thousands of scientists to analyze biomedical data.

Analysis Portals

TerraCollaborate in Terra, AnVIL's secure, scalable, cloud compute environment.
AnVIL Data Explorer
AnVIL Data ExplorerBuild cross study cohorts for analysis in Terra.
DockstoreCreate and share Docker-based workflows.
NCPIInteroperate with other NIH data commons.
BioconductorAnalyze genomic data in the R statistical language.
GalaxyRun batch analysis workflows and interactive visualizations.
JupyterRun interactive analysis with python or R.
SeqrIdentify disease-causing variants.

Access diverse, open and controlled access, cloud-hosted datasets





Create, share, and reuse reproducible analysis workspaces

Workspaces aggregate data and analysis methods. Start quickly from an existing workspace and customize it to your needs.

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Collaborate in a secure, cost-effective, scalable, cloud-based environment

Reduce compute and storage costs, reduce security and compliance overhead, scale to meet your needs.

Reduce Data Transfer Fees

Reduce Data Transfer Fees

There is no charge for data transferred from cloud storage to cloud compute within the same region.
Reduce Data Storage Costs

Reduce Data Storage Costs

AnVIL hosted datasets are stored free of charge to researchers.
Collaborate Securely

Collaborate Securely

Securely work with controlled-access data in Terra, AnVIL's FedRAMP Moderate compliant analysis platform.
Publish Reproducible Results

Publish Reproducible Results

Share analyses and workspaces to demonstrate replicable and repeatable science.

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