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Adding a New Publication

If you wrote a publication based on analysis from AnVIL or that has some impact for AnVIL, you can add it to the Publications page.


All publications are stored in a single markdown file, and appear in two sections on the same page. By editing this file, you can add new publications, without having to create any new pages.

Editing Publications

Open the markdown file at content/home/publication-cloud.md. This file should contain information for all the publications that are shown on the page. Add a new publication by copying in the following block right below the publications line, keeping the indent the same as the files below. Then, fill in the quotes as specified in the comments, and delete the comments to avoid repetition.

    - title: "" # The title of the publication
      cardLink: "" # A good link for the publication, including the https:// at the start.
      category: ""  # The header the publication should be listed under, either ON_ANVIL for the "Analyzed on AnVIL" section or ABOUT_ANVIL for the "AnVIL Platform..."  section 
        authors: # List the authors of the paper, exactly as listed in the source
            - ""
            - "" 
        doi: "" A doi link to the paper, starting "https://doi.org/"
        journal: "The journal the publication was published in" 
        publisher: "The publisher of the journal, can be left blank"
        year: "The year of publication"

Submitting the Contribution

After you enter the information, you should double check that the indentation exactly matches the entries below. If it does, you should be ready to submit a pull request! See the rest of the content guide for more info for how to do this and get your changes approves. Once that happens, the paper will be added to the Publications page!

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