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AnVIL Content Guide


Welcome to the AnVIL Portal content guide. We welcome help from the consortium and community members for content creation and maintenance.

Getting Help

The guides below are meant to help you get started working on content. Please feel free to reach out to us on the AnVIL Gitter channel or by emailing our help desk with any questions.

Content Location

The content for the portal is located in the /content folder of the anvil-portal GitHub repository. Each page of the site, and some page components, are represented as markdown files in this folder.


We use the main branch of the repository as the base for modifying the content.

Content Lifecycle

Below we describe the general flow of content creation, editing, review, approval and deployment. See the links at the left for more detail on each step.

AnVIL Portal Content Roles

There are three roles associated with the content lifecycle:

  1. Content Author - This can be anyone with a GitHub login (e.g. you!).
  2. Content Approver - An AnVIL Project team member.
  3. Content Deployer - A member of the AnVIL Portal Working Group with push access to the GitHub `main' branch.

Content Update Workflow

In general, to modify the portal content:

  1. A Content Author creates or edits a markdown page with the desired updates. When the content is ready, the Content Author creates a GitHub pull request against the AnVIL Portal repository main branch for the updates requesting a review from appropriate team members.
  2. One or more Content Approvers review and approve the content (or suggest modifications). If the pull request is approved it is merged into the main branch, which auto deploys to https://staging.anvilproject.org/.
  3. A Content Deployer merges the updated pull request into the mamain branch which auto deploys to https://anvilproject.org/ and creates a release notes describing the changes.

Modifying Content

Editing an Existing Page

The easiest way to edit an existing page is via the "Improve this page" link at the bottom of each content page in the portal. Selecting this link will take you to the markdown file for the site in GitHub on the main branch.

Edit the file and review the file in GitHub.

Creating a New Page

For new pages, it may be helpful to start writing first in google doc or other word processor that has both a spell checker and the ability to solicit reviews from peers.

Once the page has taken shape, it can be copied into a markdown file and markdown elements applied. For details see Creating a New Page

Getting Content Reviewed

Creating a Pull Request Against Main

Once the file looks OK, submit a pull request against the main branch, describing your changes and then request reviewers.

PR Review Policy

We will generally request two reviewers for any complex technical content, team consensus for any marketing/branding/value proposition issues and allow the site maintainers to make typo or grammar fixes without additional reviewers.

Once a change that requires approval has been approved, the pull request will be merged into the main branch by the site maintainers.

Deploying Content Updates

Content will be deployed by AnVIL team members with the "Content Deployer" role. In general the process proceeds as follows:

Deploying to Staging

The merge into the main branch will automatically trigger a deploy to the staging environment. This generally completes in a few minutes. There the display of the content can be validated, and if all looks well the main branch will be promoted to the prod prod branch to deploy the change.

Deploying to Production

Committing code to the prod branch will trigger a deploy to production. Once the change is deployed to production again site maintainers will review to be sure the content looks OK in production.

Editing an Existing Page
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