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Running a Workflow: Bulk RNASeq Differential Expression from FASTQ Files to Top Table

Popup Workshop
Monday, May 10, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT

Bioconductor popup workshops provide short (less than 1 hour) virtual sessions to highlight specific parts of the Terra / AnVIL ecosystem for R and Bioconductor users.

The sessions are easy for participants to join and follow along, with minimal prerequisite skills or knowledge; it is not necessary to attend all workshops.

Sessions will have short presentations, with abundant opportunity for questions and ‘round table’ discussion about the topic of the workshop or other AnVIL-related activities.

The main goal is to engage and enable the use of AnVIL / Terra by R users. All sessions will be recorded and available after the workshop. Each workshop will include a short one-page summary of key learning objectives.

Tutorials and Videos

For a tutorial based on the workshop with an accompanying tutorial see Running a Workflow: Bulk RNASeq Differential Expression from FASTQ Files to Top Table.

To Register

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All workshops are offered on Mondays at lunchtime, 12:00 - 1:00 US Eastern, starting April 26.

May 10Running a workflow: Bulk RNASeq differential expression from FASTQ files to top table (Martin Morgan, Kayla Interdonato)

Other Sessions

April 26Using R / Bioconductor in AnVIL (Martin Morgan) [recorded session]
May 3The R / Bioconductor AnVIL package for easy access to buckets, data, and workflows, and fast package installation (Martin Morgan, Nitesh Turaga)
May 17Single-cell RNASeq with 'Orchestrating Single Cell Analysis' in R / Bioconductor (Vince Carey)
May 24Using AnVIL for teaching R / Bioconductor (Levi Waldron)
May 31Reproducible research with AnVILPublish (Martin Morgan)
June 7Managing costs with AnVILBilling (Vince Carey)
June 14Participant stories (everyone!)
The Biology of Genomes - 2021The R / Bioconductor AnVIL Package for Easy Access to Buckets, Data, and Workflows, and Fast Package Installation
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