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Announcing AnVIL Coming to Microsoft Azure

Posted: April 15, 2024

Dear AnVIL Community,

We are excited to announce that AnVIL is actively expanding its platform offerings to operate on Microsoft Azure. In January 2024, the Broad Institute announced general availability of Terra on Microsoft Azure, which we are now leveraging to bring AnVIL platform functionality on Azure. This addition allows users greater selection of cloud resources and offers potential to connect through existing institutional use of Azure.

With this announcement, here are some things users can expect:

  1. AnVIL is still available on GCP, so no changes are needed to your current process at this time.

    While we are actively working to bring AnVIL functionality to Azure, we’re still dedicated to maintaining current functionality on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users can make new accounts, workspaces, and continue with analysis as in the past. The AnVIL Team and Terra Support are committed to supporting AnVIL users on GCP with troubleshooting and help.

  2. The AnVIL data corpus is now stored in Microsoft Azure and will be available to researchers soon.

    AnVIL is an NIH-designated repository to store and analyze scientific data (NOT-HG-24-020). AnVIL hosts over 5 PB of genomic and associated data generated by NHGRI-funded studies that can be browsed in the AnVIL Data Explorer. These data have been migrated to Microsoft Azure from Google Cloud Platform and will soon be accessible to users on GCP and on Azure.

  3. AnVIL is actively developing and optimizing platform offerings on Azure. You can learn more about the current status of data and analysis capabilities on our AnVIL on GCP and Azure Roadmap.

    Much of the development to get AnVIL on Azure is actively in the works. You can expect to find the latest information on what is currently available and what is planned in the Roadmap. We will update this post biannually with updated timelines and major new features as they are ready to be shared with the community.

We look forward to telling you much more about AnVIL on Azure as we expand AnVIL support to more researchers. If you’re interested in being a beta tester for new features on AnVIL on Azure, please complete this form.

The AnVIL Team

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