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Scheduled Downtime for AnVIL Data Housing Workspaces

Posted: August 10, 2022

Dear AnVIL Users,

We want to make you aware that from Friday August 26, 2022 at 9am EDT to Saturday, August 27 at 9am EDT, there will be scheduled downtime for approximately 24 hours. On this day in particular, only workspaces housing AnVIL data will be impacted. The Broad Institute’s Data Sciences Platform migration team will be using this time to implement the “one workspace per project” model migration effort. The benefits of this change include:

  • Resolving several security concerns with the old model
  • Enabling more granular cost reporting
  • Providing the ability to improve the scale and performance of workspaces as part of the multi-cloud Terra architecture strategy.

More information on this migration and how it impacts workspaces can be found in this Terra blog post.

How will it impact users:

  • This scheduled 24 hour downtime for AnVIL data housing workspaces may impact AnVIL users. During this time:
    • Users will not be able to reference or access the AnVIL data housing workspaces.
    • If users are in the process of referencing or accessing these workspaces, then their processes that are running will fail or not complete.
  • All operations associated with accessing these workspaces will resume immediately upon completion of the downtime.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or issues, please write to help@lists.anvilproject.org.

Thank you,
The AnVIL Team

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