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Announcing the AnVIL Cloud Credits Continued Program (AC3)

Posted: November 22, 2021

NHGRI’s Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) cloud genomics platform is pleased to announce the extension of the AC2 pilot program with the AnVIL Cloud Credits Continued Program (AC3).

Through AC3, we invite genomic researchers to submit proposals that use the AnVIL platform for large-scale data analysis with cloud computing credits supported by NHGRI through the NIH STRIDES program. AnVIL provides access to several large-scale genomics data sets with associated phenotypic data and metadata; it incorporates popular genomic analysis tools and packages; and facilitates sharing of computational workflows and processed data among collaborators.

Scope of Applications

Applicants to AC3 are asked to choose between one of two tracks, Research and Training. The scope of these two tracks is described below.

Research Track: Applications under this track should propose to address a scientific question relevant to NHGRI’s mission: As a leading authority in the field of genomics, our mission is to accelerate scientific and medical breakthroughs that improve human health. We do this by driving cutting-edge research, developing new technologies, and studying the impact of genomics on society. This mission will benefit from AnVIL’s cloud computing resources and large-scale genomic datasets available through the AnVIL. Applicants should utilize the wealth of data already accessible through AnVIL, or they can upload on AnVIL workspaces their own data sets for combined analyses with AnVIL data. Projects that propose to upload data for cloud storage without planned analyses to address a NHGRI specific research question, or to download AnVIL data for research purposes on local infrastructure are **not responsive **.

Training Track: A particularly important goal for the AnVIL project is to train a new generation of genomics researchers who are comfortable with cloud computing from an early stage of their careers. Under the AC3 Training track, we invite investigators whose trainees (undergraduate, master’s degree, doctoral or postdoctoral level) are currently performing genomics analyses in non-cloud environments to apply for funding to support trainee’s analysis projects on the AnVIL cloud platform. Additionally, AC3 applications for teaching in a classroom setting will also be considered. Only applications with a specific focus on trainees’ development of cloud computing skills for genomic analyses should be submitted under the training track.

Summary of Program

  1. Pilot applications will be accepted between November 22, 2021 and December 17, 2021.
  2. Applications for less than $10,000 in Google Cloud credits will be reviewed by the AnVIL Cloud Credits Review Committee (AC3RC); applications exceeding this amount will be triaged and transferred to the NHGRI for additional review.
  3. Review considerations will include (but are not limited to):
    • Relevance to NHGRI’s mission;
    • Adequacy of the development plan for trainees;
    • Adequacy of the cloud costs justification;
    • Evidence of the applicant’s ability to use the credits to accomplish the proposed research or training objectives by the credits’ expiration date.
  4. Credits will be available January 16, 2022 and must be used by August 31, 2022.
  5. Awardees must submit a preliminary report by March 15, 2022 and a final report by September 15, 2022.

AC3 Awardee Responsibilities

Awardee agrees to have the PI, project title, brief project description and credit award amount displayed publicly on the AnVIL web site.

Awardee agrees to be responsible for any cloud costs exceeding the AC3 award.

AC3 funding recipients agree to acknowledge AnVIL in all publications and external presentations that include analyses performed as part of their projects.

Through the AC3 program, NHGRI and AnVIL staff will seek feedback from the awardees about the AnVIL platform as it tries to expand its community of genomics scientists using cloud computing. Applicants are expected to engage with AnVIL staff and NHGRI program staff to share their experience and pain points using this platform.

Contact Information for Further Questions

  • For questions related to the application process, contact Shurjo Sen (sensh@mail.nih.gov).
  • For questions related to technical aspects of the AnVIL platform, contact the AnVIL Helpdesk at help.anvilproject.org.

Applications must be submitted using this online form (link).

Announcing the AnVIL Cloud Credits Continued Program (AC3) AwardeesAnnouncing the AnVIL Cloud Credits Program (AC2) Awardees
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