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Discover AnVIL Virtually at the Online, Global BCC 2020

Posted: May 21, 2020

The Bioinformatics Community Conference 2020 will be held online. This will allow BCC to greatly lower registration rates to a fraction of their original cost, and to also include a discount for students and researchers from the developing world.

In addition, BCC2020 is going global, BCC2020 events will be held twice: once in their original Toronto time zone (BCC West), and again 12 hours later in the Eastern hemisphere (BCC East).

It is hoped that these two changes will make BCC2020 accessible to the entire world.

Please see the full schedule of events.

AnVIL @ BCC 2020

AnVIL team members will be presenting the following virtual training workshops at BCC 2020. See the individual event pages for details on dates, times and registration information.

Announcing Gen3 Availability in AnVILJames Peter Taylor | 1979 - 2020
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