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Resources for AnVIL Users

Which NHGRI datasets does AnVIL host?

The current list of large-scale datasets which will be available through AnVIL are:

  • GSP, including CMGs and CCDGs
  • GTEx
  • 1000 Genomes
  • eMERGE
  • CSER (coming soon)

The AnVIL Data Dashboard provides a real time view of which data sets and individual projects are available on AnVIL.

What user training will AnVIL provide?

AnVIL will offer training materials, online Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) modules as well as periodic workshops to engage with the AnVIL user community.

How does AnVIL handle users’ cloud service costs?

The AnVIL utilizes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud storage, data egress and computing services of the AnVIL are provided under a ‘user-pays, pass-through’ model. Users of the AnVIL pay for the services they consume on the GCP at the rate charged by the cloud vendor (https://cloud.google.com/pricing/) with no additional charges or licensing fees. Users do not pay storage fees for data hosted by AnVIL, but any derivative data created by the user will incur storage fees.

A new Terra user is eligible for the free credits program. The program begins once you accept the Terms and Conditions, and will expire either after 60 days or after you have used $300 worth of credits, whichever happens first. NHGRI is also planning to provide AnVIL users with credits for cloud service charges at the discounted rate negotiated by the NIH STRIDES initiative with GCP.

Who can I contact with further questions?

AnVIL Team: help@lists.anvilproject.org
NHGRI AnVIL Contact: anvil@mail.nih.gov

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