BCC 2020

Dockstore Fundamentals: Introduction to Docker and Descriptors for Reproducible Analysis - East Session

Virtual Workshop
July 17, 2020
18:00 - 20:30 PT, East Training 1


This will be a hands-on workshop to train a beginner on the fundamental technologies used to create portable and reproducible workflows. Attendees will learn how to use Docker for packaging software into containers, how to write analytical workflows in a descriptor language (CWL, WDL, or Nextflow), and how to publish these workflows on Dockstore for sharing with others.

We will cover basic Dockstore features such as running workflows using the Dockstore command-line interface and end with an overview of more advanced topics like best practices for workflows, publishing using DOIs, and sharing collections of workflows through organizations.


Basic command line and scripting knowledge A wi-fi enabled laptop with a modern web browser.


1 sessions (2.5 hours)



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