1. Fix padding after bullet list number.
  2. Check for broken internal links.
  3. Exclude this page from search and prod.
  4. Fix the home page link for requesting access.
  5. Fix left nav width.


  1. Add this to the sitemap.
  2. Move Inverting the model image to the about section.
  3. Fix up inverting the model image or come up with system diagram (see Kevin's)
  4. Describe benefits of a data commons.
  5. Indicate we participate in NCPI and link to it
  6. Add all platform components and tools as two lists.
  7. Add platform and tool logos.


  1. Intro to consortia
  2. Add text about each consortia.
  3. Finish new consortia or comment out for now.
  4. Flesh "Accessing Data Through Terra Workspaces Page"

Consortium Data Access

  1. Indicate that you may alleady have access and login to check. (is this true?)


  1. Remove references to "over the last six months"
  2. Later - Get current version of operating principles and permission to use them.
  3. Add general components to main page.
  4. Add the individual research use cases in thier own page.
  5. Add interop use cases page or on home page?
  6. Indicate principles need introduction and context.

NCPI Working Groups

  1. Add community and outreach pages.
  2. Fix up formatting on top level wg page.
  3. Add Co-chairs to main page
  4. Later: Add Team members
  5. Close the blast doors.. remove the detail wg pages. Leave a paragraph for each Wg Sectoin on the main page. -

NCPI Questions

  1. How to represent the work plan?
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