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The Malmö Preventive Project (MPP) was a community-based disease prevention program including 33,346 inhabitants from the city of Malmö in Southern Sweden. Complete birth cohorts between 1921-1949 were invited, and the participation rate was 71%. Participants underwent screening between 1974 to 1992 for cardiovascular risk factors, alcohol abuse, and breast cancer. Between 2002-2006, surviving participants were invited to a reexamination which included blood sampling from which DNA has been extracted. Subjects with prevalent or incident AF were identified from national registers as previously described, and cases with DNA were then matched in a 1:1 fashion to controls with DNA from the same cohort by sex, age (±1 year), and date of baseline exam (±1 year). Also, controls required a follow-up exceeding that of the corresponding AF case.


PlatformsAnVIL, BDC
Consent CodesHMB-NPU-MDS
Focus / DiseasesAtrial Fibrillation
Study DesignCase Set
Data TypesSNP/CNV Genotypes (NGS), WGS

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