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TARGET: Cancer Model Systems (MDLS): Cell Lines and Xenografts (including PPTP)

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As part of the TARGET initiative, some disease projects characterized tumor cell lines or xenografts, with or without matched normal comparators, as well as some normal non-involved tissues. These reagents will be available for in vitro validation experiments and their molecular characteristics will be available through the TARGET Data Matrix. MDLS includes acute leukemia cell lines and xenografts with matched primary and/or relapsed tumor information, neuroblastoma cell line and xenografts with matched controls, kidney tumor cell lines, normal brain tissues and embryonic stem cell lines. Additionally, in partnership with TARGET, 131 cell lines and xenografts from the NCI's Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program will receive next generation sequencing of the whole exome, and will have associated expression and copy number data available through the TARGET Data Matrix once generated. Please visit the TARGET website,, for additional information on this and other TARGET genomics projects. Please see the TARGET Publication Guidelines at the OCG website for updated details on sharing of any TARGET substudy data.


Consent CodesPCR
Focus / DiseasesXenograft Model Antitumor Assays
Study DesignTumor vs. Matched-Normal
Data TypesBisulfite-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, Targeted-Capture, WGS, WXS, miRNA-Seq

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