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TARGET: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

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There are 200+ fully characterized patient cases with AML (all tumor/normal pairs, 100 with relapse sample as well) that make up the TARGET AML dataset, each with gene expression, tumor and paired normal copy number analyses, methylation and comprehensive next-generation sequencing to include whole genome sequencing, mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq. A subset of these cases will also have whole exome sequencing data available as well. There are additionally a large number of cases with partial molecular characterization making this a large and informative genomic dataset.

Additionally, the TARGET AML cohort includes some highly aggressive subtypes including AML "induction failures." Upon diagnosis, AML patients without high-risk genetic markers undergo standard chemotherapy, called the primary induction phase. This phase lasts about 30 days and is designed to eliminate cancer cells. Success of treatment is measured by the percentage of myeloblasts, i.e. immature white blood cells, detected in the patient following primary induction. Patients with greater than 15% myeloblasts did not sufficiently respond to standard therapy and are "induction failures." Currently, these patients have very poor prognoses and few clinical options. There are 30 patient cases that make up the TARGET AML Induction failure dataset, each with a primary tumor sample, a "normal" fibroblast sample grown from the patient's bone marrow, and a sample obtained at the end of induction. The trios for each case are characterized with next generation sequencing platforms to include whole genome, miRNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq. Gene expression and copy number analyses were also determined from mRNA-seq and whole genome sequencing respectively.

All cases can be sorted according to data type via the Sample Matrix on the TARGET Data Matrix ( Please visit the TARGET website listed above for additional information on this and other TARGET genomics projects. Please see the TARGET Publication Guidelines at the OCG website ( for updated details on sharing of any TARGET substudy data.


Consent CodesPCR
Focus / DiseasesLeukemia, Myeloid, Acute
Study DesignTumor vs. Matched-Normal
Data TypesRNA-Seq, Targeted-Capture, WGS, WXS, miRNA-Seq

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