BCC 2020

Reproducible Analysis in the Cloud with Dockstore and Terra

Virtual Workshop
July 18, 2020
12:31 - 15:00 PT, West Training 6


This training will lead users through the steps of performing reproducible analysis at scale in the cloud. Attendees will learn how to find workflows on Dockstore and how to export them to Terra’s interoperable cloud compute platform. We will give a brief tutorial of the Terra platform by walking through an example use case for genomic analysis. Along the way we’ll give you tips and tricks for scaling analyses on the Terra environment and introduce some of the more advanced features like using Jupyter Notebooks for producing and exploring results.


  • Preferably, a Google account set up with Terra, instructions will be provided ahead of time.
  • A laptop with a modern web browser.


1 sessions (2.5 hours)



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