Upcoming Events

ASHG 2020 - Using AnVIL

31 October 2020

Find and analyze data in the cloud with Gen3, Dockstore and Terra.

ASHG 2020 - GWAS Analysis with Galaxy in AnVIL

28 October 2020

GWAS analysis with Galaxy on the Analysis Visualization Integrated Lab-space (AnVIL).

Past Events

SACNAS Workshop

30 October 2019

Genomic data science with the Galaxy workbench.

ASHG Workshop

16 October 2019

Interactive Workshop: An Introduction to Scalable Genomic Analysis with Hail.

ASHG GMKF Poster Session

15 October 2019

Kids First Poster Session: Accelerating Pediatric Genomics Research through Collaboration.

ASHG Workshop

15 October 2019

Interactive Workshop: Reproducible and Transparent Genomic Analysis with Galaxy.

AISES Workshop

11 October 2019

Reproducible Genomic Data Analysis with the Galaxy Workbench.

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