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Center for Common Disease Genomics (CCDG) - Cardiovascular: BioImage Cohort

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The genetic basis of cardiovascular disease in individuals of non-European ancestry remains largely unknown. Availability of ethnically diverse study populations is essential to fully investigate the underlying causes of disease. The BioImage Study enrolled adults aged 55-80 in a prospective observational study. Subjects had no prior history of cardiovascular disease, but were identified to be at intermediate to high risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular events (PMID: 25790876). The recruiting target was a cohort with similar demographics to the US population in terms of race and ethnicity.

Produced as part of the NHGRI Centers for Common Disease Genomics, this study contains whole genome sequence data and variant calls from 922 African American participants of the BioImage Study.


17.56 TBSize


Consent CodesDS-CVD
Diseasesheart and blood vessel disease
AccessControlled Access
Study DesignCase-Control
Data TypesWhole Genome

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Terra Workspaces

This study has been divided into the following workspaces by consent codes and optionally the originating laboratory.

Terra Workspace NameConsent CodeDiseaseAccessStudy DesignData TypeSamplesParticipantsSize (TB)
AnVIL_CCDG_WashU_CVD_EOCAD_BioImage_WGSDS-CVDheart and blood vessel diseaseCase-ControlWhole Genome92292217.56